Business Planning

Pennsylvania Overhauls Laws Governing Unincorporated Business Associations


Pennsylvania recently enacted Act No. 170 (the “Act”) changing the statutes governing partnerships and limited liability companies in the Commonwealth. The Act repeals existing statutes and replaces them with entirely new statutes in Title 15 of the Pennsylvania statutes, now referred to as the Pennsylvania Uniform Partnership Act of 2016, the Pennsylvania Uniform Limited Partnership…

Using Stock Options to Reward and Retain Key Talent


In this competitive business landscape, business owners must focus on attracting and retaining key talent. There will always be competition between businesses, so much that companies often employ head hunters to recruit top talent from their competitors. Losing a key team member can be devastating and take some time to rebound from. Additionally, no business…

Introduction to McCarthy Weidler from Gary J. McCarthy

Gary Mccarthy Lawyer

Welcome to the firm of McCarthy Weidler. I am Gary J. McCarthy, co-founder of this firm. Together with my partner, Rachel Weidler, we established McCarthy Weidler in January 2013. We are proud to introduce McCarthy Weidler to those that may be visiting us for the first time, and re-introduce our Philadelphia law firm to our…